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Interested in selling to schools, but having a hard time knowing if it's right for your farm? During the December workshop, we will work directly with you to assess whether your farm is right for sales to schools. This is your chance for hands-on assistance with determining the financial feasibility for your farm to develop sales to institutions - directly or through an intermediary or hub. Our goal is to have you leave this workshop knowing exactly how to determine if farm to school wholesale is a good fit for your business, and if yes, how to successfully develop those sales.

The Workshop

December 6th, Harrisburg, 10am-5pm

● Work on-on-one to assess your farm's finances and discuss marketing strategies related to selling to schools.

● Gain the tools you'll need to complete an opportunity assessment on whether farm to school is a fit for your business.

● Interact with subject matter experts who'll share personal experiences with farm to school programs.


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