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Eleven Oaks Farms is located in Newville, Pennsylvania. We are locally owned and operated. We offer delivery within a 75 mile radius of Newville, PA. We pride ourselves in raising cattle in open pastures with a low stress environment. Our Wagyu and Angus cattle are pasture fed with a natural grain finish. We follow the century – old feeding protocol used to raise Wagyu cattle in the Kobe region of Japan. Often called, “American Kobe,” the Wagyu breed produces beef that is legendary for its superior flavor profile, buttery texture, extreme tenderness and perfect marbling as well as its health benefits. We also raise Gloucestershire Old Spot Heritage pigs. The Gloucestershire Old Spots is a historic pig breed known for its distinctive white coat with black spots. The breed was developed in the Berkley Vale of Gloucestershire, England, during the 1800s. Its exact origins are not known, though it was likely based on two breeds – the original Gloucestershire pig which was large, off-white, had wattles and was without spots, and second, the unimproved Berkshire. Both of the old breeds used to develop the Old Spots are now extinct. Gloucestershire (pronounced Glostersheer) pigs were selected as excellent foragers and grazers. The pigs are thrifty, able to make a living from pasture and agricultural by products, such as whey from cheese making, windfall apples in orchards, and the residue from pressing cider. These easy keeping qualities gave Gloucestershire Old Spots the nickname

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